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Returns to San Juan Metro Manila Warehouse

Once you have confirmed your return of item. Items should be returned to:

1. Warehouse address is at 7-D G. Ocampo St (formerly Marne St)., Brgy St. Joseph, San Juan, Metro Manila. We are near Rockwell Santolan Town Center and just off P. Guevarra St.. Warehouse has a big green gate, it’s across a bright blue metal wall.
Please see attached screenshot of the area with x marking the spot of our warehouse. If you are unable to find it on waze, google maps / etc, you may use our old street name Marne st.
2. For return using own vehicle ; Please text or viber our warehouse / return team at 09171821688 the following information:
- Name:
- return #
- Name of personnel returning the item
- Vehicle plate #
- return date: 
3. For return using a courier service;  Please text or viber our warehouse / return team at 09171821688 with the following information:
- Name
- return #
- copy of waybill
- tracking link 
- courier
Pls make sure that item is packed properly and labeled properly. Label must be on the outer packaging and not on the original box. 
4. For returns out of office hours, designated contact person during pick up is Ariel Legaspino or Gerald at 09175202429