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The Shared Space - Pring-Trivino Styling

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We are often asked how to design a shared space. Whether it is for siblings or a nursery corner within a master's bedroom. After all space really is a premium for most of us. But in restrictions, creativity can bloom.

The Pring-Trivino styling project comes to mind. We were given a design brief plus a video tour of the house. We could have gotten any space but we decided to work in the master's bedroom and give ourselves a working spatial parameter. In this case, we had to base our designs on the available space and interior features of the room, the lighting conditions, the existing furnitures, the mood board based on the Carolina Herrera Spring collection, and the Pring-Trivino wedding images. All in all, we came up with three tableaux.


The Nursery Corner - Romantic Florals

Joyce's favorite color is yellow, which ties in perfectly with 2021's color of the year. Spring is also all about florals and the romance of the outdoors. This editorial nursery touches on those themes. Our classic Jenny Lind crib in sunshine, framed by linen drapes, surrounded by dried flowers, grounded by our cotton Bereber rug. We think it perfectly encapsulates the hope, excitement, and romance of first time parents Joyce and Juancho. 

The Nursing Corner - Arches and Curves

Continuing the "yellow" color palette, this time in warm shades of honey, beige, and browns. This nursing/ cuddle up corner though little in spatial foot print, is grand in  design details. More mid-century in aesthetic, the Madison glider echoes the arched door way. Other details continue on the outdoor theme with dried flower arrangements , a wooden bird, a Lorena Canals basket-bag, a tassel pillow, and the Monstera rug in honey. 

The Master's - transforming what's available 

Refreshing a room, doesn't mean changing the furnishings. In this case, all the furniture you see in the master's corner is theirs. We've kept the bed and side tables. What we did is changed the sheets, added throw pillows, placed dried plants and flowers, added a few key accessories such as books, artworks, and small items. And then tying in the bed with a lovely Lorena Canals 100% cotton throw blanket. What is important is to keep all these in the same tonal value. We kept everything in the yellow, beige, brown spectrum but with a few nice pops of color but still in keeping with the overarching theme.

This was a fun shoot to style. Everything was relaxed, soft, warm but still young and refreshing;  just like parent's to be Joyce and Juancho. 


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