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Nursery Style Files : Introduction

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One of the best and most confusing part of having a baby is your urge to "nest". There are so many themes and so many choices. Would you like to do something tropical, maybe monochromatic, classic yet contemporary, boho chic, woodland, modern, scandi, and the list goes on. For this series of we will be focusing on gender neutral nursery styles and how to go about achieving those. 

Why "gender neutral"? Aside from that its a big movement in nursery design, it is also wonderfully practical from our point of view. Because it doesn't pertain to a specific gender, the nursery and its pieces are re-usable. Re-usable when you have that second or even third child. Re-usable when you want to transform the nursery into a big kids' room or even something else. 

As in any nursery design, here are 3 simple rules we like to follow:


  • designed by Ashley Gish

  •  Start with picking your favorite object and working around it. In this case a statement wall, with its lovely herringbone patterned wallpaper and decorative items curated well. It doesn't feel too busy as the colors are fairly muted and the cribs in a grey color adds the pop. (nursery designed by Ashley Gish)
  • 2. MAKE THE SPACE FLEXIBLEdesigned by Caitlin Flemming

  • Being able to have the flexibility to build on the room once you know how you’re using it is really important. Try using free standing pieces of furniture and pieces that can be used again. Such as using a drawer dresser as a changing table. (nursery designed by Caitlin Flemming)


    There is no better room to makeover than a nursery. Chances are, if you are a first time parent, this is the only time you get to make a room over top to bottom, so enjoy the experience!

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