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Tips for Choosing Rugs / Mats


There are a lot of factors to considers when designing a space. A well chosen design detail will enhance a room. The right rug can pull an interior look together and anchor the design. Deciding on the size, shape and placement can be tricky. But we’ve broken it down to some basic ideas to help you. This Lorena Cannals Rug Guide provides easy guidelines to help you choose and place the right rug for every room.


200 x 300 cm

For large spaces. Use the biggest rug possible to fit all your furniture on top as it will help define the living area and improve the acoustics in open plan spaces.


140 x 200 - 140 x 210 - 170 x 240 cm

Another option is to only leave the two front legs of your sofa treading on the rug. Remember to use an anti-slip pad in this case to prevent the rug from moving when using the sofa.

Ø150 - Ø160 cm

For a more intimate decor, a round rug can make a room feel more inviting.



120 x 160 - 120 x 170 - 120 x 175 - 110 x 180 - 120 x 180 - 132 x 193 cm (52x76")

With these sizes, it is best not to put any sofas on the rug. Place the rug in the middle of your furniture set and, if you wish, add a coffee table in the middle. These sizes are also good when having an L-sofa, because they fit perfectly between its parts.


117 x 91.50 cm (36x46") | 120 x 80 | 230 x 80 

Ideal for a small living room or a hallway, these sizes and shapes instantly create a welcoming impression and are the perfect choice to define a small space.




200 x 300 cm

Go for this size to leave enough rug space around the dining table for the chairs to be pulled out. An 8-chair table will fit perfectly. This type of composition makes the dining room feel more inviting as a family or friends reunion space.


140 x 200 - 140 x 210 - 170 x 240 cm

Chairs will also fit well with these sizes when pulled away from the table. These rugs fit a 6-4-chair dining table.


120 x 160 - 120 x 170 - 120 x 175 - 110 x 180 - 120 x 180 - 132 x 193 cm (52x76")

A perfect rectangular fit under your 4-chair dining table. A size to visually set the boundaries of the dining area.


Ø150 - Ø160 cm

For a 4-chair table. Round rugs are ideal to create visual harmony, because they will also perfectly fit under your table.




200 x 300 cm

Lay the rug horizontally fitting two thirds of the bed on the rug. It will cover space all around the bed. Depending on your bed size, you’ll be able to fit the entire room set (bed frame and side tables) on the rug.



140 x 200 - 140 x 210 - 170 x 240 cm

Lay the rug horizontally fitting one third of the bed on the rug. You can also underlay two or more of these rugs (or smaller sizes) to cover more space. Depending on your bed size, you will be able to cover two thirds of the bed.



Ø150 - Ø160 cm

Place one third of the rug under either side of the bed. They will work as bedside rugs adding a lovely symmetry to the room. You can also just add one under one of the bed’s corners.




80 x 120 - 80 x 230 cm

Runner rugs are also ideal as bedside rugs to provide comfort to the feet at bedtime or when getting up. For the perfect fit, and depending on the size of your bed, place the bigger size starting under the bedside table.





140 x 200 - 140 x 210 - 170 x 240 cm - 200 x 300 cm

One or two overlaid rugs of these sizes on your kitchen floor can often mark the difference between a well-decorated kitchen and a regular one – and don’t worry if you spill something on them, they are washable!



120 x 160 - 120 x 170 - 120 x 175 - 110 x 180 - 120 x 180 - 132 x 193 cm (52x76")

You can also place just one rug to cover the whole area – a good option for L-shaped kitchens, making for a cozy space in which cooking will become more enjoyable.



117 x 91.50 cm (36x46") - 80 x 120 - 80 x 230 cm

Place the rug against the kitchen furniture. This will add a touch of coziness to the space while protecting the floor from splashes.




120 x 160 - 120 x 170 - 120 x 175 - 110 x 180 - 120 x 180 - 132 x 193 cm (52x76")

Place these rugs in the middle of the room or next to the crib. They will also make for the perfect play area. Choose the rug size according to the space and furniture distribution in the room.



Ø120 - Ø137 cm (54x54") - Ø140 cm | 120 x 130 cm | 

When you have a twin bedroom, these rugs are ideal for placing in between or at the foot of the beds. Even if you only have one single bed, they’ll work well as a side rug


117 x 91.50 cm (36x46") - 80 x 120 - 80 x 230 cm

These rugs are ideal for creating cozy little corners in the nursery, as play mats or at the foot of a rocking chair.



80 x 120 - 80 x 230 cm

Runner rugs are the best option to fit in hallways and small balconies. A practical and comfortable option if you like walking barefooted in these areas.