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Welcome to Incy Rooms

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Hello baby! Hello cartoon characters! Don't get me wrong. I love cartoons not just on the walls, sheets, furniture (sorry Dora, you would have to be satisfied with books and occasional TV appearances). To say that is was a struggle (a fun one) to find elements that went with our flat but still evoked a nursery was an understatement. I had to hunt down leads like a sniffing dog, scouring local and international retailers. The one thing that eluded me was the Crib. We had to settle for something that was ok, not bad, not great, but ok.

Fast forward, and here we have Incy Rooms. Where we take out the frustration of decorating and bring back the fun and excitement of forming that nursery space. Because let us admit it, the nursery is not only for baby but also for mom and dad. After all you will be spending countless of times there. And yes, baby appreciated having his/her own special space too!

Welcome to Incy Rooms!

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